Welcome to my projects subdomain.

This site previously just contained an install of BUGGER, but the template was ugly so I ended up using other systems for project management.

The original BUGGER install is still available, at least until I've extracted the data to something less visually opressive, you can access it at archived_content/.

Until September 2021, projects were managed in JIRA, and a Static HTML mirror of some of those projects is maintained (courtesy of Jira Issue Listing) at /jira_projects. Some of the projects predate some of the modifications I've made to my JIRA install, so some issues will be lacking useful things like direct links to commits, which can leave them looking a bit sparse. The more recent issues/projects should have these in place though.

In 2021, though, Atlassian became hostile to the self-hosted market and ended on-prem licenses (well, unless you want to pay $27K).

As a result, I moved to Gitlab - the public facing archive for that is at /gils_projects/

So your choices essentially are

A mirror of all my public repos is available at publicrepos.bentasker.co.uk