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Suspended - Sent for Testing
Even when executed properly, most scripts log output in apaches error_log.

Output is not always an error, but the extra cycles needed to write the logs are likely to be affecting response time
Open - Assigned to Developer
SELECT DISTINCT style functionality sometimes returns duplicate values.

Run SELECT DISTINCT on COL1 of Table Articles in DB Sitearticles for example.
Closed - Resolved
-query-line function returns every line number for null queries.

-query functions correctly and returns the correct records
Closed - Resolved
The Checksum function of Claims_DB reveals the DBROOT. This information is unnecessary to the remote client, but could be useful to a malicious user. Suggest removal.
Closed - Resolved
System recognises special characters stored within the database. Most noticeable when trying to update a record.
Closed - Resolved
Queries based on primary key take longer than necessary on large tables.

Create a flag to notify read_records_claims.sh that the query is for a primary key, and to stop looking after 1st result.

Closed - Resolved
This Bug was accidentally deleted before the scheduled backup ran. no information available
Closed - Resolved
Layout of Bug View page needs adapting. Developer name and Developer notes appear too close together.

Use of borders on tables, or greater cell padding could improve.
Closed - Resolved
When querying for a line number, the system returns line number including the header row.

When deleting a record, system omits header row from line count, leading to incorrect record being deleted
Closed - Resolved
System does not clear old data from memory so Bug Status pages are obfuscated by older data. Bug statuses marked as Closed by default
Closed - Resolved
When adding a bug use of commas ends the column. Needs storing in an url-encoded form.

Link to project also needs finetuning to prevent link querying string NORESULTS
Closed - Resolved
When querying a field with a string containing a space the system only returns one record when more exist
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