Claims_DB Changelog

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17/05/2009BTaskerInitial Release
21/06/2009BTaskerTemporary files made unique
21/06/2009BTasker--gen-PK functionality added
21/06/2009BTaskerDelete Record Functionality activated
21/06/2009BTaskerSELECT DISTINCT Style functionality Implemented
21/06/2009BTaskerBasic Bug Testing
21/06/2009BTaskerProtocol Documentation Updated
21/06/2009BTaskerV0.2 Officially Released - Awaiting Bug Reports
28/06/2009BTaskerV0.21 under development
28/06/2009BTaskerChecksumming support added
28/06/2009BTaskerVersion reporting - with disable function
28/06/2009BTaskerProtocol Documentation updated to reflect changes
22/07/2009BTaskerResolved Bug 1. Additionally resolved similar failure occurring if query string contains equals sign
23/07/2009BTaskerProject Added to BUGGER Bug Tracking System
19/08/2009BTaskerBug fixes - Bug 23
24/08/2009BTaskerBug 19 fixed. Changes made to
30/08/2009BTaskerBug fix 29%2C legal notices added
30/08/2009BTaskerAbility to return Record count on per table or Whole Database basis
30/08/2009BTaskerTmp File Cleanup function added.
30/08/2009BTaskerV0.21 Released - Awaiting Bug Reports
31/08/2009BTaskerNotification to Claims_DB that a Querystring will be unique added. Bug Ref 32
31/08/2009BTaskerWorkaround for old versions of Grep added to Unique Querystring function - Bug 32
12/09/2009BTaskerDelete Record Function improved
02/10/2009BTaskerBug 45 Fixed
01/11/2009BTaskerFixed security flaw in Table checksum function
02/11/2009BTaskerAbility to insert file into Database implemented
02/11/2009BTaskerAbility to retrieve files from database implemented
09/11/2009BTaskerBUG 69 fixed
22/11/2009BTaskerAbility to list all hosted databases added to read_record_claims
22/11/2009BTaskerTable listing function implemented
01/07/2011BTaskerAdded Vague Query support
23/02/2010BTaskerAdded support for ultra-vague queries
23/02/2010BTaskerUpdated Protocol Docs