Claims_DB_listener Changelog

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20/06/2009BTaskerInitial Release
20/06/2009BTaskerProtocol Documentation Released
20/06/2009BTaskerBasic Security Testing%2C input de-limted to stop abuse
21/06/2009BTaskerImplemented support for new functionality within Claims_DB
21/06/2009BTaskerProtocol Documentation Updated
21/06/2009BTaskerV0.2 Released - Awaiting Bug Reports
23/07/2009BTaskerProject Added to BUGGER Bug Tracking System
23/07/2009BTaskerSupport for creating and streaming backup to client added - Method 10
23/07/2009BTaskerProtocol Documentation Updated
30/08/2009BTaskerSupport for Database and Table row count function implemented
30/08/2009BTaskerSupport for Temporary file Cleanup added
30/08/2009BTaskerV0.21 Released - Awaiting Bug Reports
31/08/2009BTaskerSupport for Claims_DB Bug Ref 32 added
09/09/2009BTaskerBug ID 41 - Renicing of Database Backup
02/10/2009BTaskerAbility to parse POST requests added
01/11/2009BTaskerAdded support for Table checksumming
01/11/2009BTaskerV0.23 Released - Awaiting Bug Reports
09/11/2009BTaskerImplemented File Insertion xrefer BUG ID 68
22/11/2009BTaskerSupport for ability to view all hosted databases added
22/11/2009BTaskerTable listing function implemented
22/11/2009BTaskerDatabase Size Function now operating correctly
29/11/2009BTaskerUser based authentication implemented
01/07/2011BTaskerAdded support for new Vague Queries functionality
23/02/2010BTaskerAdded METHOD 21 - Ultra Vague Query
23/02/2010BTaskerUpdated Protocol Docs
23/02/2010BTaskerUpdated Bug when querying records containing a comma