You must have an AffinityLive account, and the server running CredLockerPHP must have php-curl (libcurl) enabled

That's it!


Installation is achieved in 4 easy steps
  1. Place the plugin files into plugins/AffinityLive/

  2. Edit config/plugins.php and enable the Plugin by adding the string AffinityLive to the Logging array.

    Example: $plugins->Logging = array('AffinityLive');

  3. Edit plugins/AffinityLive/config.php and set the variables to the relevant values

  4. Disable Captcha for Issues in AffinityLive (or disable for a specific class of support ticket if preferred)

Plugin Use

In order for the plugin to push an event to AffinityLive a customer must have all of the following set in PHPCredLocker

Each of these must match the relevant record in AffinityLive (i.e. the Company Name must be the same and a contact must be recorded against that company with details matching those set above)

Events Logged

The plugin will push an event to AffinityLive for each of the following

A closed issue will be created with the following content
Subject: {CREDENTIAL TYPE} Credentials {ACCESS} by {USER} at {DATE}
Content: {DATE}: User {USER} {ACCESS} the {CREDENTIAL TYPE} credentials for this account


Subject: CPanel Credentials Added by Ben at 26-11-2012 20:33:00
Content: 26-11-2012 20:33:00: User Ben Added the CPanel credentials for this account

Excluding Customers

In the event you don't want events for a given customer logged to AffinityLive, simply leave either First Name, Surname or Email blank in PHPCredLocker.