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Closed - Resolved
Bug ID188
Date Logged7/12/2011
Logged ByBen Tasker
DetailsIE6 displays a black background instead of transparency on Filetype icons
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Linked to BUG 187
Ben Tasker22-12-2011 10:37

Issue due to very poor PNG Alpha channel support in IE < 7.

Have embedded Unit PNG Fix (GPL Licensed)

Ben Tasker22-12-2011 10:39

Script has resolved transparency issues and logo now displays.

However, system rendered unusable as image width not defined in source, images are far, far too large and so are not fully displayed.

Ben Tasker22-12-2011 11:19

Defining image width on logo did not resolve issues
Ben Tasker22-12-2011 11:23

Removed the UnitPNG fix and used one from

instead. Appears to be functioning correctly

Ben Tasker22-12-2011 11:36

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