Bug Status:
Bug ID230
Date Logged27/4/2012
Logged ByBen Tasker
DetailsChange room functionality does not update blackouts.

System should automatically remove blackouts that are no longer required. Also doesn\\\\\\\'t create new blackouts where
Developer NotesNeed to correct use of memberid

Bug Comments:

Existing blackouts are now deleted. Need to create blackouts where necessary
Ben Tasker27-04-2012 10:32

Creation routine partially completed. need to continue from Line 2183 of templates/reserve.template.php
Ben Tasker27-04-2012 11:02

Routine now also creates blackouts. However, the memberid has been hardcoded due to time constraints and will need to be made user dependant at a later date.
Ben Tasker30-04-2012 07:28

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