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utilities/file_location_listing#22: To cache or not to cache?

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Issue Type: issue
Status: closed
Reported By: btasker
Assigned To: btasker

Milestone: v0.1
Created: 30-Dec-23 18:02


In #21 I quickly hacked in a storage level cache to help troubleshoot, commit 81f76ed59ee275e5e5385fa8619e6ae561735b69

It can't be left in place in it's current state: it does have any kind of expiry mechanism, so files that have failed revalidation would still be accessible.

Need to decide whether to

  • Turn it into a full(er) featured cache and retain it
  • Drop it

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assigned to @btasker

The cache can give a fairly significant performance improvement - taking a 2s search down to a few tenths of a second. But, of course, that is based on running the same search twice in quick succession - in practice, it's likely to be less beneficial.

I think the answer is: at some point we'll probably want a cache, but I don't currently want to spend the time on it - I'll put a ticket onto backlog to explore it.


mentioned in commit 17dc40200b71275c46f667d473bcf68e7ae14a1a

Commit: 17dc40200b71275c46f667d473bcf68e7ae14a1a 
Author: B Tasker                            
Date: 2023-12-30T18:11:14.000+00:00 


chore: remove caching logic (utilities/file_location_listing#22)

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mentioned in issue #23

Caching has been removed from the current codebase and I've raised #23 to revisit later.

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