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utilities/python_influxdb_downsample#8: Support for multiple config files

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Issue Type: issue
Status: closed
Reported By: btasker
Assigned To: btasker

Milestone: vnext
Created: 05-Feb-23 15:08


The config file could get quite unweildy with a lot of jobs in it.

It'd be good to have support for something like a conf.d so that jobs could be specified in individual files (that'd be better for revision tracking with git too)

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Commit: 71ba531442f30e4d093c7d0c73361a069c1a70f0 
Author: B Tasker                            
Date: 2023-02-05T15:24:58.000+00:00 


Implement ability to use !include within YAML to split config across multiple YAML files utilities/python_influxdb_downsample#8

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Commit: f930583dfd66304c707bfb2d7bacc699ecfc2123 
Author: B Tasker                            
Date: 2023-02-05T15:25:48.000+00:00 


docs: update README for utilities/python_influxdb_downsample#8

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I've added support via pyyaml-include.

We set the base directory to be conf.d so includes only need to include filename or glob

# This config file makes use of include to split config out to files in the
# conf.d directory
quiet: false

# Define the InfluxDB instances which can be communicated with
# For 1.x with auth the token should be of the form
# user:password
influxes: !include influx-*.yaml

# Define downsampling jobs
downsamples: !include job-*.yaml