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utilities/python_influxdb_downsample#9: Record failures to disk

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Issue Type: issue
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Reported By: btasker
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Milestone: vnext
Created: 05-Feb-23 17:34


With Kapacitor, when a downsample fails, those points are essentially lost.

It'd be nice to have the option to have a failed batch written to disk so that it could be retried later

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assigned to @btasker

I guess the best way to go at this is probably to have a file per write/batch.

That way, things can more easily be removed if they're clearly never going to work.

I also think this mode should be optional (and default to off) - having a YAML representation of failed points being written out sounds like a good way to fill your disk.


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Commit: 5634e97adea037443c8d74b71f5a3090a498b185 
Author: B Tasker                            
Date: 2023-02-05T23:32:00.000+00:00 


Implement ability to write failures to disk for (possible) later replay (utilities/python_influxdb_downsample#9)

If enabled in config, when an exception is encountered writing to an output, details of the write will be written to a YAML file on disk.

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docs: update README example to note the ability to dump to disk (utilities/python_influxdb_downsample#9)

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Date: 2023-02-05T23:44:03.000+00:00 


Gzip the dump YAML, can save a significant amount of disk space (utilities/python_influxdb_downsample#9)

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OK, so the dump side is largely implemented.

New config is supported

    record: True
    path: dump.d

if record is True, then when a write failure occurs the payload will be written out into path (dump.d in the above example).

The dump's filename is of the format f"{op_influx_id}-{bucket_slug}-{dt.strftime('%Y%m%d%H%M%S')}.yaml.gz"

The structure inside the file is as follows

    "output_id" : op_influx_id,
    "bucket" : bucket,
    "records" : new_records,
    "failure_time" : dt

What we don't currently have is support for reading that data in and replaying it.

I think that can come later though - it's probably better implemented as a standalone(ish) utility.

mentioned in issue #11


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Date: 2023-02-05T23:51:04.000+00:00 


Add logline when dumping a failed write (utilities/python_influxdb_downsample#9)

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