utilities/telegraf-plugins#8: Certbot renewal notification

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This isn't actually a telegraf plugin as such, but this repo/project is the closest match.

I've had issues in the past with LetsEncrypt certs silently failing to renew - good alerting on certificate ages catches those certs when they're close to expiry, but I'd prefer to catch it even earlier.

The aim of this task is to create a hook for certbot which reports in when certificates are renewed - we'd then be able to create a deadman alert against those metrics

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It's a little buried in the documentation but certbot supports configuring multiple hooks:

  • pre
  • post
  • deploy

The deploy hook is called after a successful renewal, so is perfect for our needs (unfortunately the post hook doesn't appear to be told whether a renewal was successful, so we can't use it to pick up on failed renewals).

Hooks can be put into /etc/letsencrypt/renewal-hooks/deploy so that they don't need to be specified on the command line at invocation time.

The aim here, then, is to create a simple hook which accepts details of the certificates that certbot has renewed and then write those into InfluxDB


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Create deploy-hook script for utilities/telegraf-plugins#8

This script is intended as a post-deploy hook for certbot, it'll take $RENEWED_DOMAINS and submit information into InfluxDB

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Create README for utilities/telegraf-plugins#8

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I've published a write-up here on how to set up graphing and alerting using this.

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