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websites/Gitlab-Issue-Listing-Script#33: /status endpoint

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Issue Type: issue
Status: closed
Reported By: btasker
Assigned To: btasker

Milestone: v0.4
Created: 22-Apr-22 11:47


My mirror script from JILS requests /status as a sort of health check (if the system's down we don't want to hose our local copy).

Need to add the same endpoint to GILS - it simply needs to return the word SUCCESS.

We can potentially look at having check GILS components individually later.

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assigned to @btasker


mentioned in commit c141ca76884948459b5f38530655385bbd5aeb6b

Commit: c141ca76884948459b5f38530655385bbd5aeb6b 
Author: B Tasker                            
Date: 2022-04-22T12:51:47.000+01:00 


Add support for a /status endpoint - websites/Gitlab-Issue-Listing-Script#33

This means that mirror scripts can perform a reachability check to verify that GILS is up

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