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Apr 2022
#2 Report of script not working (closed)
Jun 2019
#6 FKAMP-4 Redirect Away from Google News (closed) #7 FKAMP-5 See if we can find a way to handle AMP on Google News (closed) #8 FKAMP-6 Parse AMP CDN Urls to decide whether to redirect to HTTP or HTTPS (closed) #9 FKAMP-7 Remove AMP pages from browser history (closed) #10 FKAMP-8 Scripts won't update from Github (closed)
May 2019
#4 FKAMP-2 Anti-Amp Script doesn't work on Google's AMP cache (closed) #5 FKAMP-3 Recheck links after more button press (closed)
Feb 2018
#3 FKAMP-1 Create functionality to block AMP pages (closed)