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Small docker image to poll TP-Link Tapo and Kasa smart sockets for usage information and write it into InfluxDB

Source at https://github.com/bentasker/tplink_to_influxdb


#1 Batch InfluxDB writes
closed 03 Sep 22
#2 Kasa Exception Handling
Fixed/Done Improvement
closed 04 Sep 22
#3 Timestamp isn't included in points
Bug Fixed/Done
closed 06 Sep 22
#4 Support for a persistent container
Fixed/Done Improvement
closed 18 May 23
#5 Allow either kasa to tapo to be omitted from config
Fixed/Done Improvement
closed 20 May 23
#6 Improve error handling
Fixed/Done Improvement
closed 20 May 23
#7 Cannot poll Tapo devices with firmware >= 1.2.1
Bug Fixed/Done
closed 20 Dec 23
#8 Reports "Not Supplied" for daily consumption if it's 0
Bug Fixed/Done
closed 22 Dec 23
#9 Override timeouts set by PyP100
Fixed/Done Reverted Task
closed 22 Dec 23
#10 Update docker image to use forked PyP100
Fixed/Done Improvement Task
closed 22 Dec 23
#11 Improve debug logging
Fixed/Done Improvement
closed 23 Dec 23

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Bug Fixed/Done Improvement Informational Invalid New Feature Reverted Task Won't Fix


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v0.25 closed
v0.24 closed
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v0.23 closed