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Utilities / File Location Listing / Release: v0.2.1

Git Tag: v0.2.1
Commit: 94fd3528
Released: 06 Jan 2024 19:56:31


This release is backwards-incompatible: an index rebuild will need to be performed after upgrading.

If the example Kubernetes manifest is being used, the change in index format will lead to the searchportal pod entering a crash loop. A reindex can be triggered by temporarily starting a spider pod:

kubectl create job spider-run-2 --from=cronjob.batch/filelisting-spider
kubectl get pods | grep spider-run-2 # Note the pod name for the next cmd
kubectl exec -it spider-run-2-44vfb -- /app/utilities/
kubectl delete job spider-run-2
kubectl get pods | grep searchport # Note the backed off pod name for next cmd
kubectl delete pod searchportal-b7565b6c9-pnvnd