GPXIN-1: Acceleration/Deceleration Stats

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Issue Type: Improvement
Priority: Minor
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Ben Tasker
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Ben Tasker
Project: PHP GPXIngest (GPXIN)
Resolution: Done (2013-11-17 20:19:09)
Target version: 1.02,

Created: 2013-11-17 12:01:58
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When processing trackpoints, would be good to generate stats based on acceleration/deceleration.

If the journey log was ever needed to back up a contested insurance claim, it'd be good to be able to include

- maximum rate of acceleration
- maximum rate of deceleration
- average rate of acceleration
- average rate of deceleration

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Acceleration = (final velocity - initial velocity) / time
Deceleration = (initial velocity - final velocity) / time

So should be reasonably easy to add a calculation;

|time (seconds)|speed (metres/sec)|Acceleration|Deceleration|
|0|0| | |
|10|50||5 m/s^2 | |
|15|65||3 m/s^2 | |
|25|50| ||1.5 m/s^2|
|30|40| ||2 m/s^2|
|0|0| ||4 m/s^2|

As the SI for acceleration is metres a second (squared), we'll need to convert speeds from MPH/KPH
Created feature branch GPXIN-1-Accel-Stats
Track stats will be pushed to object arrays

- faccel
- fdecel

Journey stats will be pushed to

- accels
- decels

Acceleration and deceleration will not be included if speeds are suppressed.

The following stats will be available at Journey and Track levels (support for segments not being implemented at this time)

- Max acceleration
- Max deceleration
- Min acceleration
- Min deceleration
- Average acceleration
- Average deceleration

Formula check -

KPH to metres/s

$metres_speed = ($kph_speed * 1000)/3600;

(10 kph * 1000) = 10000kph / 3600 = 2.7778 m/s

MPH to metres/s (1609.344 metres to mile)

$metres_speed = ($mph_speed * 1609.344)/3600;

(10 mph * 1609.344) = 16093.44 / 3600 = 4.4704 m/s

Figures confirmed using online calculator
Implemented and tested. Commit be95a55 refers.

Will merge changes and close feature branch
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