GPXIN-35: Bring Documentation up to date

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Priority: Major
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Ben Tasker
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Ben Tasker
Project: PHP GPXIngest (GPXIN)
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Target version: 1.04,
Labels: Documentation,

Created: 2017-07-04 10:59:14
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240 minutes
240 minutes
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There's quite a bit missing from the documentation, so initially need to have a crawl over and identify what needs to be added. Some documentation work was originally done in GPXIN-21 and GPXIN-8

So far I can see that the following needs doing

- Add section on installing with composer
- Add section on suppressing data (not mentioned at all)
- Add section on grabbing a copy of the metadata
- Add section on Route stats (GPXIN-33)

There's probably quite a lot more missing too. Bits and pieces have been added over time, but it's probably worth looking at fully refactoring the docs.

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btasker added 'Documentation' to labels
I've added the GPXIN-33 data.

Bumping this issue to ver 1.04 as it shouldn't be allowed to block release.
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