HLS-11: Document Environment Variables

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Ben Tasker
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Ben Tasker
Project: HLS Stream Creator (HLS)
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Created: 2015-06-15 12:54:59
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There are now quite a few variables used within the script, many of which can be set prior to running it in order to avoid needing to pass command line options (allowing use of wrapper scripts).

It's probably worth creating a Markdown file containing a list of these and what they do/default to for easy reference (it'll also ensure that there aren't any which can only be set using an option).

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The current set of variables that are honoured is
# Basic config

# Change this if you want to specify a path to use a specific version of FFMPeg

# Number of threads which will be used for transcoding. With newer FFMPEGs and x264
# encoders "0" means "optimal". This is normally the number of CPU cores.

# Video codec for the output video. Will be used as an value for the -vcodec argument

# Audio codec for the output video. Will be used as an value for the -acodec argument

# Additional flags for ffmpeg

# If the input is a live stream (i.e. linear video) this should be 1

# Video bitrates to use in output (comma seperated list if you want to create an adaptive stream.)
# leave null to use the input bitrate

# Determines whether the processing for adaptive streams should run sequentially or not

# ... snip


Some of which have corresponding flags
Usage: HLS-Stream-Creator.sh -[lf] [-c segmentcount] -i [inputfile] -s [segmentlength(seconds)] -o [outputdir] -b [bitrates]  [-p filename]

	-i	Input file
	-s	Segment length (seconds)
	-o	Output directory (default: ./output)
	-l	Input is a live stream
	-c	Number of segments to include in playlist (live streams only) - 0 is no limit
	-b	Output video Bitrates (comma seperated list for adaptive streams)
	-f	Foreground encoding only (don't fork the encoding processes into the background - adaptive non-live streams only)
	-p	Playlist filename
	-t	Segment filename prefix
	-S	Segment directory name (default none)
	-e	Encrypt the HLS segments (default none)
	-2	2-pass encoding
	-q	Quality (changes to CRF)
	-C	Constant Bit Rate (CBR as opposed to AVB)

The FFMPEG specific ones are already well documented in the README, so will just need to add some info for each of the others