HLSDVD-2: Basic Requirements

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Created: 2015-06-12 15:51:38
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In HLSDVD-1 a HDMI-to-IP extender has been ordered, in part because some reverse engineering work has already been done and documented by another user.

Assuming that danman's script works from the get-go, it'll leave a few smaller challenges to address

- Some kind of control mechanism so my system knows when to send a signal to the extender (so it's not spamming multicast packets 24 hours a day)
- Ensuring the output format is one that ffmpeg can handle (may already be the case as it can be piped direct to vlc )
- Making the stream accessible to ffmpeg based on the way HLS Stream creator works

Given that it'll likely be quiet noisy when streaming, may also want to look at the feasibility of dual-homing my system so that the multicast packets aren't being carried by every switch on the LAN. So the eventual system should support the following

- Use on a flat network
- Dual homed on separate physical networks (i.e. dedicated switch/cabling for the broadcast stream)
- Dual homed on separate VLANs
- HDMI extender connected to dedicated NIC via cross-over

The latter two obviously being the tidier solutions.

Although this unit doesn't support it, would also be good to look into an IR transmitter so that I could, for example, write a Kodi plugin to stream the DVD and allow use of the remote in Yatse to send basic commands (play, pause, fwd, rev, navigation) to the player via IR

Should be considered a secondary aim though, getting the basic concept up and running is the priority

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Hardware Purchase Page (Ebay)
Reverse Engineering Notes and PoC script (danman.eu)
USB Infra-red Control unit
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The initial reference platform (HLSDVD-3) will be built on the basis of a flat network.

At the script level, the main difference between that and the other options is that it'll need to be possible to tell the adaptation to danman's script which interface to listen on.

Another interesting question to look at further down the line (as I don't immediately see the answer in Danman's notes) is whether the kit supports having multiple senders on the same network. If it does, it'd be good to have the script support that as well (so you could, for example, stream output from an STB across the network using one sender, and blu-ray with the other).

For IRC something like this might be suitable - http://www.usbuirt.com/overview.htm
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Realistically, if I wanted to restart work on this, I'd probably start from scratch, so marking as Won't Fix
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