JILS-35: Show Time Logged on Component Pages

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Issue Type: New Feature
Priority: Major
Status: Closed

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Ben Tasker
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Ben Tasker
Project: Jira Issue Listing Script (JILS)
Resolution: Won't Fix (2019-09-09 16:34:19)
Target version: 0.1,

Created: 2015-09-23 13:38:05
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40 minutes
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The project pages (and once JILS-34 is implemented, version pages) currently show an indication of the time logged against a project/version.

It'd be useful to have the same on the Component pages, though there is one caveat;

An issue may well have multiple components linked, and there's no way to tell which time entries on an issue relate to the specific component we're viewing, so if FOOBAR1 has components STUFF and THINGS with 1h logged, we'll show 1h on both of those component pages.

But, I think a rough overview would still be reasonably helpful

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Bulk Change.

Clearing out old issues - it's unlikely I'll find time to do any further work on JILS.

New issues will be raised for relevant items if that proves not to be the case
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