PAS-12: Implement processing of HTTP output

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Issue Type: New Feature
Priority: Major
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Ben Tasker
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Ben Tasker
Project: PCAP Analysis Script (PAS)
Resolution: Done (2015-11-27 13:14:23)
Affects Version: 0.1,
Target version: 0.1,
Components: Reports , HTTP ,

Created: 2015-11-25 22:37:01
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45 minutes

The grab of HTTP data is currently dumped verbatim into webtraffic.csv ( )

That works fine, but makes it difficult to add new datapoints in without having to budge the SSL/TLS related fields along.

There are almost certainly other things worth grabbing from HTTP connections, so should look at reproducing the SSL loop but for HTTP connections

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Have introduced a loop to work through the HTTP entries. It's a little slower, but not dramatically so.

Have also surrounded text fields within the CSV in quotes to that it behaves better if opened in something like Libreoffice.
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Repo: PCAPAnalyseandReport
Commit: 5f28fb642e061f2132cd8f6c38e788ea5c90f377
Author: Ben Tasker <github@<Domain Hidden>>

Date: Wed Nov 25 23:20:54 2015 +0000
Commit Message: Moved to explicit processing of HTTP data. See PAS-12

Modified (-)(+)

Webhook User-Agent


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Ben Tasker
2015-11-25 23:22:22

Time Spent: 45 minutes
Log Entry: Implementing and testing