PIDVR-1: Select and Source hardware

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Ben Tasker
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Ben Tasker
Project: PiDVR (PIDVR)
Resolution: Done (2014-11-04 10:37:28)

Created: 2014-11-04 09:46:35
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Base hardware for build will be

- RaspberryPi Model B
- USB DVB S2 dongle (for freesat support)
- USB3 Memory Stick (for storage of recordings)

For the time being, the build will be on TESTPI.

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LinuxTV page on the S960
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For Freesat support, have ordered a DVBSky S960 DVB-S2 USB Box as it's comparatively cheap and looks to be well supported by linuxtv.

Generic 64GB USB3 memory stick ordered for the recording cache.
Worth noting the chipset in the ordered freesat unit differs to that listed on the LinuxTV page.

However the M88DS3103 is also used in other devices supported by LinuxTV so should be OK.
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Note to self - if ever doing this again, the SundTek MediaTV Pro looks like it's much easier to get up and running - - compared to the current cluster that is PIDVR-7.