PIDVR-6: Install and Configure TVHeadEnd

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Issue Type: Task
Priority: Major
Status: Closed

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Ben Tasker
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Ben Tasker
Project: PiDVR (PIDVR)
Resolution: Done (2014-11-08 14:59:43)

Created: 2014-11-04 14:49:51
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Install TVHeadEnd and configure it to work with the S960.

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PIDVR-8: Configure recordings directory
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Installation can be done, but config is somewhat blocked by needing to wait for the FreeSat adapter to arrive.

It should have arrived today, unfortunately InterLink Express decided (presumably as it was raining) that it was easier to push a card through the letter box than to knock on the door.
Can't do much until PIDVR-7 is complete, but as it's taking a while to compile

root@testpi:/home/pi# echo "deb wheezy main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
root@testpi:/home/pi# curl | apt-key add -
root@testpi:/home/pi# apt-get update
root@testpi:/home/pi# apt-get install tvheadend

For the time being, set username 'admin' and password 'password' (I know......)

Now available at http://testpi:9981/extjs.html, though obviously can't see/configure the DVB adapter until PIDVR-7 is done.
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PIDVR-7 is done, so just need to configure the adapter and channels in TVHeadend now

On http://testpi.home://9981

Set up Channels

- Configuration -> DVB Inputs -> Montage DS3103/TS2022 -> Enable
- Save
- Wait a while whilst the Multiplexes are scanned are scanned
- Map DVB Services to Channels

Set up EPG

- Configuration -> Channel/EPG -> EPG Grabber
- Update Channel Name
- Update Channel Number
- Update Channel icon
- Enable the Internal Grabber (Set XMLTV: UK)
- Enable the Over-the-air grabbers for UK but disable the others
- Save Configuration

General Config

- Configuration -> General
- Update Time
- Enable NTP Driver

Need to give it a bit of time to start grabbing the EPG's now.
In the spirit of testing, have configured the XBMC box to talk to TVHeadend just in time to do a stream quality test by watching the Family Guy marathon on BBC Three....
Video quality is fine on an SD stream, no stalling/stuttering.

Looking at ifconfig, data rates are about 1GB for an hour of SD.

Will need to map some HD services to channels in TVHeadend before I can test a HD feed
Scheduled recording completed ok overnight. Just need the external storage to arrive now

SD and HD channels stream fine to an Android phone using

- TVHClient (

- MX Player (
External storage arrived and has been set up (see PIDVR-8).

TVHeadend is now fully configured, and all relevant functionality has been tested.

Marking this issue as done.
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