VEH-11: Split fuel types in charts

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Ben Tasker
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Ben Tasker
Project: VehMan (VEH)
Resolution: Done (2014-01-12 16:25:28)
Target version: 1.0.2,
Components: Charts ,
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Created: 2013-10-19 14:29:14
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The charts currently assume that all fuel is of the same type (e.g. petrol). The fueltype needs to be pulled in from the relevant vehicle.

Affects the historic fuel-price chart in particular, need to create a second series for Diesel (and possibly one for LPG).


VEH-66: Split fuel types in pChart
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Will use a SELECT DISTINCT on the fuel-types a user has against their vehicles to identify which Series' need to be displayed. Will need to adjust the chart to allow a multi-series line chart (also need to ensure no marking where data not available).
Commit c3e9552 implements the change. Tested and live on the production API as the testing API wasn't being responsive.
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Re-opened for regression testing following implementation of VEH-66
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Google charts all display as expected, including the changes made in this FR.
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