VEH-8: Authentication fails with valid Session token

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Issue Type: Bug
Priority: Major
Status: Closed

Reported By:
Ben Tasker
Assigned To:
Ben Tasker
Project: VehMan (VEH)
Resolution: Fixed (2013-10-18 02:06:10)
Target version: 1.0.1,
Labels: Sessions,

Created: 2013-10-18 01:18:09
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Initially caused by VEH-7, but there's still an issue. The auth checks are completing successfully, but any module which calls authenticateVehicle is then failing authentication for some reason

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Caused by forgetting to include a slash before starting the URI.

IOW, this is valid{Session key}

This isn't{Session key}

Will need to devise a fix though
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Commit 08541c8 resolves.
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