VEHPI-14: Current Location Reporting

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Issue Type: New Feature
Priority: Major
Status: Closed

Reported By:
Ben Tasker
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Ben Tasker
Project: VehManPi (VEHPI)
Resolution: Won't Fix (2019-09-09 16:24:40)
Target version: 1.0,
Components: API Integration ,

Created: 2013-12-12 19:28:47
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Will obviously need an enable/disable config variable. Also need to implement support in the API before this can be implemented.

Would be good to have the option to periodically report current lat/lon details. That way if the car is ever stolen, it's current position can be ascertained and reported to the police.

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Bulk Close.

Realistically, project isn't going to see any further development so closing as Won't Fix
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