VEHPI-23: Implement Journey/Track/Segment logic

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Issue Type: Sub-task
Priority: Major
Status: Reopened

Reported By:
Ben Tasker
Assigned To:
Ben Tasker
Project: VehManPi (VEHPI)
Resolution: Unresolved
Target version: 1.0,
Components: GPS , Core Classes ,

Created: 2013-12-21 20:58:11
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Child of: VEHPI-7: Implement GPS Support

Need to implement logic to decide when to create a new journey, track or segment

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Re-opening issue. When running as a service, new Journeys are not being created
btasker removed 'Done' from resolution
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Commit 993ce6e implements a minor logic change. Before a new track is automatically started, the Journey ID will be refreshed. So tracks can overlap days if needed (such as driving overnight) but when a new track starts, a new journey will begin (if appropriate)
A new journey ID doesn't appear to have been generated overnight. Not looked further into why as yet