VID-16: Cloudflare Segment Delivery Trial

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Issue Type: Informational
Priority: Major
Status: Closed

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Ben Tasker
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Ben Tasker
Project: (VID)
Resolution: Informational Only (2020-11-25 17:48:18)
Affects Version: v0.16, v0.16.1, v0.16.2,
Components: Embed Code ,
Labels: CDN, Cloudflare, Delivery, Video,

Created: 2020-11-25 17:47:27
Time Spent Working

CDN-41 started A/B testing using Cloudflare rather than my own homegrown CDN for video segment delivery.

In order to support that, a change was made to the embed code in order to reference a Cloudflare handled domain rather than

The releases v0.16 and v0.16.1 relate to this (the latter being a minor bugfix to correct the domain in the injected microdata).

However, that A/B test has now concluded, and as Cloudflare's offering didn't meet the acceptance criteria, the earlier changes have been removed in release v0.16.2

Relevant commits are

- cd7f82b4b49fda098bfe1889c29e2a2b6d26fe6a
- 3975beef931e64b793190782547ab8dd39225896
- aa7df189f2223c4d5771b00c9680c2c372af3b3b
- 859b7480c0376b947d8d3cc20a4847c5dd0c087d

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