utilities/gadgetbridge_to_influxdb#12: Default QUERY_DURATION is too short

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Issue Type: issue
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Reported By: btasker
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Milestone: v0.4
Created: 27-Aug-23 09:31


The current QUERY_DURATION value is 2 hours (7200 seconds).

This was chosen on the basis that I intended to trigger the script hourly - 2 hours gives a margin for error so that we can capture data if a run is missed.

However, utilities/gadgetbridge_to_influxdb#11 has identified that this may not be long enough.

The watch doesn't tend to sync with Gadgetbridge overnight, with the first sync happening whenever the phone is next used (depending on settings in GB, it may be when the phone's unlocked, or when GB is opened).

The problem with that is, when the script next runs, it'll only grab the last 2 hours of data - leaving a gap in the overnight stats.

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assigned to @btasker

There probably isn't a good reason for it being set so short - in the grand scheme of things, we're not dealing with very much data and it's not as if the script is running on a memory-constrained embedded device.

In #11 I've just done a run with it collecting a day's data with no issue - that'd help cover any gaps (as well as dealing with things like going out of phone reception for an entire day).


mentioned in commit 31f5a3d91382e720ae2e04d1bbdc4ab585d65f93

Commit: 31f5a3d91382e720ae2e04d1bbdc4ab585d65f93 
Author: B Tasker                            
Date: 2023-08-27T10:35:14.000+01:00 


Change the default query duration to 1 day (utilities/gadgetbridge_to_influxdb#12)

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