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Nov 2019
#22 HLS-35 Playback of encrypted streams fails on Macs (inc VLC) (closed)
Mar 2019
#21 HLS-33 Brew no longer supports --with-default-names (closed)
Jul 2017
#19 HLS-24 Encode fails where audio stream present but null (closed) #20 HLS-27 Ability to define resolutions with bitrates (closed)
Apr 2017
#16 HLS-20 Reported issues with Encryption (closed) #17 HLS-21 Review Encrypt function (closed) #18 HLS-22 IV will be wrong for some bitrates in ABR streams (closed)
Jul 2015
#15 HLS-17 Added AES-128 encryption to the generated files (closed)
Jun 2015
#8 HLS-6 Adaptive Streams (closed) #9 HLS-7 Implement use of getopt (closed) #10 HLS-8 Implement ability to tell FFMPEG the input is a linear stream (closed) #11 HLS-9 Allow filename prefix to be specified (closed) #12 HLS-10 When parrallelised transcodes finish the bitrate for the last isn't output (closed) #13 HLS-15 Append #EXT-X-ENDLIST when a live stream concludes (closed) #14 HLS-16 Segments into a subdirectory (closed)