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KeyTypeTitleStatusCreatedAssigned To
#2 issue HLS-11: Document Environment Variables opened 2022-04-22T17:01:44.556Z
#1 issue HLS-12: Auto-delete expired segments in live streams opened 2022-04-22T17:03:34.628Z
#3 issue HLS-13: Adaptive Bitrates from Named Pipe opened 2022-04-23T07:52:29.940Z
#4 issue HLS-26: Ability to override WRAP_POINT opened 2022-04-23T07:55:05.467Z
#5 issue HLS-29: Return relevant exit statuses opened 2022-04-23T07:56:14.460Z
#6 issue HLS-34: Audio Bitrate Scaling opened 2022-04-23T07:58:11.218Z
#7 issue HLS-31: Auto Calculation of bitrates opened 2022-04-23T07:59:17.618Z


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