Wiki: Receipt File Information/project-management-only / Scraper Snitch Bot

This page gives information on what the entries in a receipt file indicate.

As of v0.13 receipt files are periodically regenerated and history is tracked for various fields. As a result, fields like ptr will sometimes show comma separated values, the rightmost value being the most recent.

IP Information


Observed Useragents

A list of user-agents associated with this IP. Most bots will only list one, if there are a broad range it may be a sign that the IP is that of a NAT pool (or perhaps a VPN endpoint).

Observed Paths

A list of the paths that the IP has been observed placing requests to.

Details of specific paths and their relative sensitivity can be found in Request Paths


A list of flags raised about the bot's behaviour.

Possible flags are


A set of textual notes containing any additional pertinent information