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Project Mgmt project for Scraper Snitch Bot, first publicly described in Creating A Log-Analysis System To Autodetect and Announc


#1 robots.txt Fetch Flag
Fixed/Done New Feature bot log-agent
closed 19 Jan 23
#2 Revisit Legal Basis
Fixed/Done Task
closed 19 Jan 23
#3 Log-Agent Dry Run Mode
Fixed/Done New Feature log-agent
closed 19 Jan 23
#4 Restrict disclosures to certain times of day
Fixed/Done Task bot
closed 20 Jan 23
#5 Save State and regenerate Receipts
Fixed/Done New Feature bot
closed 20 Jan 23
#6 Move Bot Config To YAML
Task bot
closed 29 Jan 23
#7 Receipt regeneration duplicates flags and paths
Bug Fixed/Done
closed 14 Feb 23

Project Labels

Bug Fixed/Done Informational Invalid New Feature Task Won't Fix bot log-agent


vnext active
v0.14 closed
v0.13 closed
v0.12 closed