ADBLK-8: Create zone only Unbound file

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Issue Type: Task
Priority: Major
Status: Closed

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Ben Tasker
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Ben Tasker
Project: Adblock Lists (ADBLK)
Resolution: Done (2019-06-10 17:25:04)

Created: 2019-06-10 10:18:12
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Need to create a file that contains blocked zones only.

The reason for this is that Pi-Hole's gravity filters cannot block a zone (at least, not via lists - you can add regex's manually), only exact domain names.

That's fairly inflexible when ad-flingers can register and then just cycle through subdomains.

So, want to dump out a file of unbound format zone blocks - I have unbound upstream of Pi-hole, so zone blocks can happen there.

That way, we can do things like ensure is blocked so that anything CNAMEing to subdomains of it are automatically blocked

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Repo: adblocklists
Commit: 613e44c7721c0ff72f09ea6532d2ef618bea9d2d
Author: B <github@<Domain Hidden>>

Date: Mon Jun 10 10:19:49 2019 +0100
Commit Message: ADBLK-8 Create unbound format file containing only manually blocked zones

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Repo: adblocklists
Commit: 997f6c9a77dd7523bb3e5130a2114ad0859902d6
Author: B <github@<Domain Hidden>>

Date: Mon Jun 10 10:38:16 2019 +0100
Commit Message: ADBLK-8 Adding example script for pulling zones (only) into unbound

My DNS server has a read-only root partition (with a writeable /var), so my deployment using this went as follows:

mkdir /var/unbound_blocks
cd /etc/unbound/local.d
mount -o remount,rw /
ln -s /var/unbound_blocks/ adblocks

cd /var/unbound_blocks/
nano # Following this commit, should just be able to wget it
chmod +x

cd /etc/unbound/
nano unbound.conf
service unbound reload

echo "15 * * * * root cd /var/unbound_blocks/; ./" > /etc/cron.d/update_adblock_zones

mount -o remount,ro /

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This is the process I've used to drop it onto a DNS server that has a writeable root partition:
root@debian-9-doh-newbuild:~# cd /etc/unbound/local.d/
root@debian-9-doh-newbuild:/etc/unbound/local.d# mkdir adblocks
root@debian-9-doh-newbuild:/etc/unbound/local.d# cd adblocks/
root@debian-9-doh-newbuild:/etc/unbound/local.d/adblocks# wget
root@debian-9-doh-newbuild:/etc/unbound/local.d/adblocks# ls

root@debian-9-doh-newbuild:/etc/unbound/local.d/adblocks# cd ../..
root@debian-9-doh-newbuild:/etc/unbound# nano unbound.conf
root@debian-9-doh-newbuild:/etc/unbound# grep "ad-zones" unbound.conf
    include: local.d/adblocks/ad-zones.conf

root@debian-9-doh-newbuild:/etc/unbound# echo "15 * * * * root cd /var/unbound_blocks/; ./" > /etc/cron.d/update_adblock_zones
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