ADBLK: Adblock Lists

I've been using my own amended version of EasyList for quite a while in my adblocker, and also block various ad domains at the DNS level. Changes to Easylist tend to be either overriding things they've whitelisted, or adding domains that are not yet included (and in some cases, may never be).

A little while ago, I moved those lists into a repo so that I could record the reason for a change, but that's proven less helpful when wanting to note why a group of changes have been made

So, this project has been created to record and reference any larger changes to the list

The compiled version of the list is published to

A copy of the repo can be found on Github and also on my Public Repos Mirror

The public mirror of this project is here.


KeyTypePtySummaryStatusResolutionCreatedAssigned To
ADBLK-1 Improvement Major Blocking Admiral Anti-Adblock Domains Open 2019-02-10 10:43:08
Ben Tasker