JILS-15: Move CSS to CSS file

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Issue Type: Task
Priority: Major
Status: Closed

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Ben Tasker
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Ben Tasker
Project: Jira Issue Listing Script (JILS)
Resolution: Done (2016-04-29 14:59:16)
Affects Version: 0.01b,
Target version: 0.01b,

Created: 2014-11-03 14:34:53
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The various pages generated previously contained inline CSS on the basis that this would allow a copy of the page to easily be emailed as an attachment if required.

The utility of emailing it is quite sorely limited now though by the inclusion of support for attachments, versions, components etc. There would potentially be so many broken links within a standalone page, anyway, that it doesn't seem worth trying to maintain the capability.

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Have been implementing breadcrumbs on the Issue listing page, so seems as good a time as any to better centralise the CSS

Repo: Jira-Issue-Listing
Commit: 60d7032d0303e93376d8507b67de7d0b30830d60
Author: Ben Tasker <github@<Domain Hidden>>

Date: Mon Nov 03 14:38:27 2014 +0000
Commit Message: Added breadcrumbs to issue listing page and centralised CSS. See JILS-15

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Breadcrumbs have been added to all pages, and the CSS for these is only in core.css . As the breadcrumbs display correctly, seems reasonable to assume this change was implemented correctly. Closing.
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