JILS-26: Commit links are being converted to hyperlinks twice

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Issue Type: Bug
Priority: Major
Status: Closed

Reported By:
Ben Tasker
Assigned To:
Ben Tasker
Project: Jira Issue Listing Script (JILS)
Resolution: Fixed (2018-01-05 08:40:59)
Affects Version: 0.1, 0.01b,
Target version: 0.1,

Created: 2014-11-12 01:20:32
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Similar behaviour to JILS-19, but this time caused by JILS-25.

The hyperlink used within the commit notifications is being autolinked, and the commit notification markup processing is then turning that into a link.

Needs a rounder solution, but the quick fix is to drop a negative lookback into the regex to ensure it's not converted if the link is prefixed with a pipe symbol (|)

Something like


Should do it, though will need testing

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Repo: Jira-Issue-Listing
Commit: 497efd9a0c4cd859266373d356b24d27a45a167b
Author: Ben Tasker <github@<Domain Hidden>>

Date: Wed Nov 12 01:44:23 2014 +0000
Commit Message: Updated autolinks to ignore commit links. See JILS-26

Modified (-)(+)

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For the time being, have dropped a negative lookback into the regex


The problem with trying to keep the regular expressions simple is that we're going to hit issues like this too regularly, but given the choice between unmaintainable regex and occasionally breaking links, I think I prefer the latter.
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