PHPCRED-19: When decryption fails, the cred sits at 'Retrieving'

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Issue Type: Bug
Priority: Major
Status: Resolved

Reported By:
Ben Tasker
Assigned To:
Ben Tasker
Project: PHPCredlocker (PHPCRED)
Resolution: Done (2013-12-08 16:25:22)
Target version: 1.25,

Created: 2013-12-08 16:13:04
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If the user enters an invalid decryption password, or simply hits cancel, the Credential sites at Retrieving....

Really needs to show 'Failed Decryption' and then after a few seconds revert back to Display Password

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btasker changed status from 'Open' to 'In Progress'
JS alert has been removed, the system now displays 'Decryption failed' for 2 seconds and then reverts back.
btasker changed status from 'In Progress' to 'Resolved'
btasker added 'Done' to resolution
btasker added '1.25' to Fix Version
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