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jira-projects/MISC#1: Turn Compreface into Home-Assistant Addon

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Issue Type: issue
Status: closed
Reported By: btasker
Assigned To: btasker

Created: 26-Nov-21 15:53


I've been asked if I can help turn the Compreface single docker file build into a working HomeAssistant Addon.

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assigned to @btasker

The main sticking point in that thread is the need for a volume for postgres. There's a postgres addon for HA though, so in the longer term it'd be good to be able to do away with that.

I've got a HomeAssistant OS VM spinning up at the moment

Setting up with admin/admin

Had to remember to enable advanced to be able to list the SSH addon.

Figured I'd take a punt at using the existing image (

Supervisor doesn't like it

1-11-26 16:10:01 WARNING (MainThread) [] Can't read /data/addons/local/compreface/config.json: does not match regular expression ^([a-zA-Z\-\.:\d{}]+/)*?([\-\w{}]+)/([\-\w{}]+)$ for dictionary value @ data['image']. Got 'exadel/compreface:0.6.1'

Ahhh, HA doesn't let you set tag