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Jul 2023
#35 Try and extract health data from Zepp (closed)
Jul 2023
#35 Try and extract health data from Zepp (closed)
May 2022
#4 Build availability monitoring platform (closed)
Apr 2022
#5 Mirror twitter into InfluxDB (closed)
Nov 2021
#1 Turn Compreface into Home-Assistant Addon (closed)
Nov 2020
#22 MISC-43 Set up to sign Github commits (closed)
Aug 2019
#20 MISC-35 Change Phone Search Engine to Ecosia (closed)
Apr 2019
#18 MISC-27 Build and document a publicly accessible DoH Server (closed)
Nov 2016
#17 MISC-19 Design Investigatory Powers Act workarounds (closed)
Jan 2016
#15 MISC-16 Review Changes to OpenPLC Utils DAK Generation (closed)
Dec 2015
#13 MISC-12 Optimising Video Delivery for Tor / Building a Tor based CDN (closed)
Nov 2015
#12 MISC-11 Review Draft Investigatory Powers Bill (closed)
May 2015
#6 MISC-2 Make Available as Tor Hidden Service (closed) #8 MISC-4 Build custom error pages (closed) #9 MISC-5 Design the method of working with the anti-abuse scripts (closed) #10 MISC-8 Review Ads on .onion site (closed)