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This project is used to track anything that doesn't fit under an existing project. The Version's functionality is used to group related issues.

Previously MISC


#6 MISC-2 Make Available as Tor Hidden Service
Fixed/Done Joomla Task Tor
closed 16 May 15
#7 MISC-3 Adjust the cdnforjoomla plugin to optionally translate to a .onion
Fixed/Done Improvement Joomla Tor
closed 19 May 15
#8 MISC-4 Build custom error pages
Fixed/Done Task Tor
closed 19 May 15
#9 MISC-5 Design the method of working with the anti-abuse scripts
Fixed/Done Task Tor
closed 21 May 15
#10 MISC-8 Review Ads on .onion site
Fixed/Done Task Tor
closed 22 May 15
#11 MISC-9 Analytics/Social Icons show as enabled when Javascript is disabled
Bug Fixed/Done
closed 22 May 15
#12 MISC-11 Review Draft Investigatory Powers Bill
Fixed/Done Privacy Task
closed 04 Nov 15
#13 MISC-12 Optimising Video Delivery for Tor / Building a Tor based CDN
CDN Fixed/Done Task Tor
closed 14 Dec 15
#14 MISC-15 Theoretical: Productisation of a CDN as a service
CDN Fixed/Done Informational Tor
closed 24 Dec 15
#15 MISC-16 Review Changes to OpenPLC Utils DAK Generation
Fixed/Done Security Task
closed 12 Jan 16
#16 MISC-18 Alternative Load balancing design
CDN Fixed/Done Improvement Tor
closed 17 Jan 16
#17 MISC-19 Design Investigatory Powers Act workarounds
Fixed/Done Privacy Task
closed 17 Nov 16
#18 MISC-27 Build and document a publicly accessible DoH Server
Documentation Fixed/Done Privacy Task
closed 27 Apr 19
#19 MISC-32 Android DoH App Intra leaks DNS Queries
Bug Fixed/Done Privacy Security
closed 27 May 19
#20 MISC-35 Change Phone Search Engine to Ecosia
Fixed/Done Privacy Task
closed 12 Aug 19
#21 MISC-38 Strange queries coming from kiosk-pi - Chrome placing DNS requests with random names
Bug Fixed/Done
closed 08 Apr 20
#26 MISC-39 Zoom does not work on my machine
Bug Fixed/Done Linux PulseAudio Zoom
closed 08 Jun 20
#22 MISC-43 Set up to sign Github commits
Fixed/Done Security Task
closed 05 Nov 20
#23 MISC-45 Barclays Bank gives 3rd parties access to login page
Bug Security Won't Fix
closed 05 Mar 21
#24 MISC-46 Dice rolls on may not be consistently random
Bug Fixed/Done Random
closed 03 Jun 21
#25 MISC-48 Monzo Payment Approval Flow Broken
Bug Fixed/Done
closed 29 Jul 21
#28 MISC-49 Seinnheiser HD 450BT Bluetooth audio issues on Linux
Bug Linux PulseAudio
closed 03 Aug 21
#27 MISC-50 PulseAudio can't see my laptop's built-in speakers
Bug Fixed/Done Linux PulseAudio
closed 18 Aug 21
#1 Turn Compreface into Home-Assistant Addon
Fixed/Done Task
closed 26 Nov 21
#5 Mirror twitter into InfluxDB
Fixed/Done InfluxDB Task
closed 27 Apr 22
#2 Try running InfluxDB Client in Pyodide
Fixed/Done InfluxDB Informational Python
closed 05 May 22
#3 System audio (pulseaudio) doesn't work on Bumblebee
Bug Fixed/Done Linux PulseAudio Zoom
closed 23 May 22
#4 Build availability monitoring platform
Fixed/Done InfluxDB New Feature Task
closed 27 May 22
#29 Firefox snap won't work with KeepassXC when not launched from a terminal
Bug Fixed/Done Linux Zoom
closed 13 Sep 22
#30 Maximum number of clients reached Cannot open display:
Bug Fixed/Done Linux
closed 04 Dec 22
#31 tcpdump fails with Couldn't change ownership of savefile
Bug Fixed/Done Linux
closed 07 Jan 23
#32 USB-C Ethernet Adapter Lockups
Bug Fixed/Done Linux connectivity
closed 24 Mar 23
#33 Trailing space in content-length header renders POST body unavailable in Python's Flask
Bug Fixed/Done Python http
closed 22 Jun 23
#34 Automate extraction of stepcounts/heartrate from Gadgetbridge
Fixed/Done New Feature
closed 31 Jul 23
#35 Try and extract health data from Zepp
Fixed/Done InfluxDB Python Task
closed 31 Jul 23

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Bug CDN Documentation Fixed/Done Improvement InfluxDB Informational Invalid Joomla Linux New Feature Privacy PulseAudio Python Random Security Task Tor Won't Fix Zoom connectivity http osint