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Jun 2024
#36 Zoom breaks Terminator by unnecessarily requiring ibus (closed)
Mar 2023
#32 USB-C Ethernet Adapter Lockups (closed)
Jan 2023
#31 tcpdump fails with Couldn't change ownership of savefile (closed)
Dec 2022
#30 Maximum number of clients reached Cannot open display: (closed)
Sep 2022
#29 Firefox snap won't work with KeepassXC when not launched from a terminal (closed)
May 2022
#3 System audio (pulseaudio) doesn't work on Bumblebee (closed)
Aug 2021
#28 MISC-49 Seinnheiser HD 450BT Bluetooth audio issues on Linux (closed) #27 MISC-50 PulseAudio can't see my laptop's built-in speakers (closed)
Jun 2020
#26 MISC-39 Zoom does not work on my machine (closed)