MGF-1: Feed not displaying - Basic troubleshooting guide

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If you've configured mod_GoogPlus Feed but the feed doesn't appear, perform the following steps to help narrow down the cause.

- Set Joomla's Error Reporting to Development
- Access the page displaying the module

If you see something similar to the following

failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden in

It means that Google's API is refusing your request. To gain an understanding of why, SSH onto your server and do the following (replace $URL with the URL displayed in the error message)

curl -v "$URL"

The output should include some JSON detailing why the request was refused. Access your Google API console and correct the root cause.

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Developer Console Instructions

(Correct at time of writing, but Google seem to like changing the interface quite regularly)

Setting up an Auth Key

APIs & auth -> Credentials -> Public API Access -> Create New Key -> Server Key -> Accept requests from these server IP addresses -> set Server's IP(s) - one per line -> Create

Take the generated key and use that.

Making sure the Google+ API is enabled

APIs & Auth -> APIs

If Google+ isn't at the top, showing as On type Google+ into the search box and enable it.