MGF-2: Legacy Changelog

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Issue Type: Informational
Priority: Major
Status: Closed

Reported By:
Ben Tasker
Assigned To:
Ben Tasker
Project: mod Google+ Feed (MGF)
Resolution: Informational Only (2014-11-27 22:10:44)
Affects Version: Legacy Issues,
Target version: Legacy Issues,

Created: 2014-11-27 22:07:42
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Legacy changelog from BUGGER Tracking system

Date              Maintainer  Change
13/09/2012      BTasker     Added support for displaying attachment content
13/09/2012      BTasker     Added max-height to feed items to prevent excessive space usage
13/09/2012      BTasker     V1.1 Released
02/10/2012      BTasker     Added support for Joomla 3
15/01/2013      BTasker     Support for Module Class Suffix Added
15/01/2013      BTasker     V1.2 Released
12/03/2013      BTasker     Merged J25 and J3 version
12/03/2013      BTasker     Added support for automated RPC Ping
12/03/2013      BTasker     Minor bug fixes

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