MGF: mod Google+ Feed

Google+ Feed (Mod_GoogPlusFeed) is a module designed to embed your Google+ posts into a Joomla site in the way that mod_btwitter does for Twitter. The core principle of the design is that it shouldn't contain un-necessary chrome and shouldn't slow page load.

The module can also display all posts within a Google Community - Simply specify the community ID instead of a user ID!

The module is available from
You can also view the documentation


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MGF-1 Informational Major Feed not displaying - Basic troubleshooting guide Closed Informational Only 2014-11-27 21:50:55
Ben Tasker
MGF-2 Informational Major Legacy Changelog Closed Informational Only 2014-11-27 22:07:42
Ben Tasker



Troubleshooting Un-released
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