VEH-21: Service Stats Generation

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Issue Type: Sub-task
Priority: Major
Status: Closed

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Ben Tasker
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Ben Tasker
Project: VehMan (VEH)
Resolution: Done (2013-11-02 16:35:59)
Target version: 1.0.2,
Components: Servicing , Statistics ,

Created: 2013-11-02 14:29:03
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Child of: VEH-17: Stats Submodule

Need to create a class similar to that in VEH-19 to generate Statistics based on Servicing

Desired stats are

- Total Mileage recorded
- Total Servicing Cost
- Number of Services/repairs
- Total 'fault' cost
- Total 'non-fault' cost
- Number of fault repairs
- Number of non-fault repairs
- Garage stats

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Add to the list of stats

- Average Cost Per Mile (Servicing)
- Average CPM Fault (Servicing)
- Average CPM Non-Fault (Servicing)
- Average Service Cost
- Average Service Cost (fault)
- Average Service Cost (non-fault)

Created the following stats

All stats have datasource 'S'

|MonMiles|Miles recorded||
|MonCn|Service count||
|MonCost|Servicing Cost||
|MonFaultCo|Servicing Cost (Faults)||
|MonNFaultC|Servicing Cost (Non Faults)||
|MonFaultCn|Servicing Count (Faults)||
|MnNFaultCn|Servicing Count (Non Faults)||
|MonAvgCPM|Average Cost Per Mile||
|MonAvgFCPM|Average Cost Per Mile (Faults)||
|MonAvgNFCP|Average Cost Per Mile (Non Faults)||
|MonAvgCost|Average Servicing Cost||
|MonAvgFCs|Average Servicing Cost (Faults)||
|MonAvgNFCs|Average Servicing Cost (Non Faults)||
|MonGarages|Garage Use Count|Garage Name|

To make life easier when running queries that use Fuel and Servicing, have decided to standardise the Stat-Type between Fuellog and Servicelog stats, so will be altering the stat types listed in VEH-19 to match those used above

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